A dark game for a grey summer: How long will your survive?

this war of mine 2

In two weeks, the world’s largest consumer conference for computer games, GamesCom, kicks off in Cologne. More than 345.000 guests will flock into the giant halls to check out new and upcoming games from more than 900 small and large game developers and tech companies from all over the world. Including me!

One of the games that has been catching my attention in the press releases from the conference is the new, darkly dystopian survival game Frostpunk from 11 Bit Studios, which will be presented at the large Indie Arena Booth area and will be published later this year. This GamesCom presentation of Frostpunk is an excellent opportunity for us to have a look at 11 Bit Studio’s multi-award winning war game This War of Mine, which is available for all platforms – PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and iOS/Android.

This War of Mine is as dark and sombre as a grey January night and not a game that I would normally recommend for August, where we’re all supposed to be outside, enjoying the sun and the open air barbecues.

But the Danish summer has been disappointing, to say the least, and This War of Mine is a thought-provoking game of the highest quality – perfect for those rainy evenings.

My review: How long will you survive when war breaks out? A dark game for a grey summer

Looking forward to going to the Indie Arena Booth and having a closer look at Frostpunk – an EVEN MORE dystopian survival game. That’ll be dark, for sure!

Bonus info:
The Indie Arena Booth will also feature some game developers from Denmark. Triband from Copenhagen will be presenting Keyboard Sports (which I reviewed in November): More than 100.000 game fans from all over the world will be able to play this Danish game this week

And Kong Orange from Aarhus will be there, showing their upcoming title Felix The Reaper. Check out their work-in-progress-trailer here.


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