chriszka oculus
Hello, I’m Christina! I am a writer, a visual artist (go here for my artworks) and a games journalist.

I write game reviews for www.jp.dk and Weekendavisen, amongst others (here’s a selection of articles).

I have been writing about computer games, electronic music, subcultural trends and what-happens-next for more than 15 years. I am fiercely passionate about quality in both games and music (and writing!) and limitlessly enthusiastic when I find it. You can read my words in Weekendavisen, Berlingske, Jyllands-Posten, Magasinet Psykologi and Gaffa, amongst others.

Currently: Wearing virtual reality headsets a lot and spending many blissful hours on hand-drawing visuals.

Previously: Editor in Chief at the monthly magazine Citadel. Nightlife and theatre editor at AOK. Games editor at Nat&Dag. Studies: Comparative Literature and Film & Media at The University of Copenhagen. Catch me on twitter.com/chriszka or christina@majcher.dk.

Why PixelCrush?
A pixel crush is when you develop a keen interest in a character in a computer game. This is very much like falling in love with a movie star.  In this case, the love interest is just made out of pixels.

This website is called PixelCrush because it focuses on all the great digital games and apps that we love. But also on the hypnotizing qualities of the digital world – and how to navigate safely through it.

Because with the never-ending seductiveness of the digital world, things can easily get a little bit out of control. Just as when you are in love.

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