A selection of my articles on tech

– Testing the newest virtual reality tech – Jyllands-Posten: Reality is not always enough
– Digital tourism – Climb the roof-tops of Paris with your PS4: See Paris from your PS4
– This computer game improves your eye sight: Nyt computerspil skal forbedre dit syn
– On Matrix ideas in the mass production of food – Bør man fjerne burhøns’ hjerner?
– What makes a game addictive? – jp.dkThis is the world’s most dangerous game
– Surviving a zombie attack – Hvor længe vil du overleve, når zombierne kommer?
– Testing new sports gear – The new Jabra headset reads your pulse through your ear

A selection of my game articles

– What’s up with Pokémon Go: Sensationally popular pocket monsters
– The typical gamer is a grown-up woman: Den typiske computerspiller er en voksen kvinde
– Are you in love with a game character? – on pixel crushes in Berlingske: Your dream guy is digital
– 40 million users in four weeks: The deepest game ever is now on facebook
– Can a zombie teach you to play the guitar? From Rocksmith to Rockstar
– Best Nordic game – Denmark won: Nordens bedste spil er dansk
— Best at Angry Birds: Join the Danish national championships in Angry Birds
– The 10 best computer games of 2012: Årets 10 bedste computerspil

A selection of my game reviews
– Dead Island in Berlingske: Blod, sved og plasticbryster
– Catherine in Berlingske: Love is a nightmare
– Limbo in Berlingske: Mesterligt dansk gådespil til xbox
– The Tiny Bang Story in Berlingske: Tepotter og tingfinderi
– My first Kinect game ever: Michael Jackson and me
– The Book of Unwritten Tales: Do elves dream of electric sheep?
– Diablo III:  Fanget på kødkrogen
– The Sea Will Claim Everything: En rutchetur for hjernen
– Alice – Madness Returns: Alice in Horrorland
– Pigs in Trees: Danske svin på himmelfart

– Botanicula in Berlingske: Sådan bliver man barn igen
– L. A. Noire in Berlingske: A dark game for grown-ups